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Preparing for a Natural BirthPreparing for a natural birth

If you are interested in having a natural birth you might consider trying prenatal yoga. The following is a list of techniques on how yoga can help with a natural birth experience.

1. Breathwork: The yoga breath you learn in class is perfect for helping you breathe through contractions. You stay present with the pain, not fight it which causes tension. Relaxation allows the body to open and prepare for birth.

2. Strength: The poses you do in class are focused on opening up the body allowing room for the baby to grow and to keep you strong throughout your pregnancy. It takes strength to give birth. The longer you can stay up and walk around, the shorter your labor is likely to be. It’s easier for the baby to drop if you are upright instead of laying in a bed.

3. Meditation: Calm mind, calm body. A relaxed body will open and allow for the natural process of birth. You can also use the meditation as pain management. Instead of focusing on the pain, meditate on the breath.

4. Vocal Toning: When we are in pain it’s natural to scream. When we scream our body tenses up. It’s natural to make noise when we are in labor, it’s the body’s response to pain. To get through the contraction without tensing the body try vocal toning, which helps the body deal with the pain without causing more tension. A tone is either a humming sound or slowly exhaling a vowel sound. No worries about having an excellent singing voice here, just pretend your in the shower.

5. Be Present: Listen to your body. If you need to get up and walk, do some gentle stretching or get into the bath then do it. Yoga teaches us to listen to the subtle messages that our bodies are telling us. One of the best things about a natural childbirth is that nothing is masked by medication.

Going to a yoga class will not only teach you all these wonderful tools, but also introduce you to a community of other moms. These friendships that you make will go beyond the class and labor room. You will be building a support system that may last a lifetime.

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