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Most Common Trimester ProblemsMost common trimester problems

Pregnancy is a wonderful, and memorable experience.  From the feelings, the movement, and the joys a mother gets through each stage of pregnancy.  There is nothing like the anticipation of due date.  There are many things that will happen to a pregnant mother during the course of each trimester.  There are also, at times, problems that can arise.  It is important to know what kind of pregnancy problems can come up during this time.  Here are the three most common problems for each trimester.

First Trimester

Excessive nausea and vomiting

It is normal to experience nausea and vomiting during the first trimester.  As known as morning sickness, although this can happen any time of the day.  However, if these become severe it can cause many problems.  Dehydration, dizziness, and weight loss are all signs to look out for.  With severe cases blood can be present in vomiting.  There are several ways to help relieve the feeling of nausea and reduce vomiting.  Call your doctor to discuss the options that will best help you.

Second Trimester

The second trimester is usually the least problematic trimester.  Most common problems that arise in the second trimester include constipation, heartburn, and back pain.  Each are easy to treat and although they may be uncomfortable, usually do not result in complications.  Consult your doctor for before taking any medications.

Third Trimester


Preeclampsia is high blood pressure during pregnancy.  If left untreated this can be extremely dangerous to both the mother and unborn baby.  A spike in blood pressure can prevent your baby from getting the blood and oxygen it needs.  For this reason your doctor will monitor your blood pressure at every check up.  The only cure is the delivery of the baby.  It is important to be checked out if you experience severe headaches, dizziness, vision change, swelling, or decreased urine output.


Always consult your doctor if you experience anything that does not seem normal to you!  There are many normal problems in pregnancy, but when they are excessive or severe they can cause more problems.  It is best to be aware of what you are feeling, and not be afraid to seek help or advise.

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