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Would you like to be calm, relaxed and
prepared for a healthy and safe childbirth?

Monica Healy, mother of 6, will show you how in the video below...

Have a Safe & Happy Birth . . .

Women today have access to more birthing options than ever before but the path towards a safe and happy birth can be fraught worry and filled with important decisions.

With our Birth Guide we guide you through the choices you need to make to safely give birth to your baby.


Planning and learning
will make the experience
much easier!

Planning and learning about the birthing experience can make a big difference especially because each pregnancy and person is different and it's not straightforward.

In this reassuring guide I will guide you through the process of labour, the birth of your baby and what you need to be aware of for the first few months after.

Finding out as much as you can about what happens during labour and birth is invaluable, I wish I had this resource when I was having my children.

This guide will make you feel in control, confident and make it easier for you to enjoy this very special event.


In this guide you will learn:

1How to design and create your own birth plan with birth guide templates
that you can design to suit your needs.

2How to select the right birthing environment and team

3You will learn about vaginal birth, cesarean, water births, home births and
other options.

4How to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for childbirth.

5How to use prenatal tests and technology wisely.

6Defining the father's role and how he can provide help and support.

75 things to consider when selecting a childbirth class

8How to deal with the discomfort during the labour process

9Choosing or avoiding anesthesia

10Contraction timing and the three stages of labour

11Finding the best birthing position for you and baby

12What to expect for the first 60 days after having your baby!


Hi I'm Monica Healy, mother of 6 children and founder of ultrasound dimensions pregnancy ultrasound centre and


About the Author :

Hi I'm Monica Healy, mother of 6 children and founder of ultrasound dimensions pregnancy ultrasound centre and

After working with expectant couples over my career and having 6 of my own children, I've learned a lot about pregnancy and birth.

When I was preparing for birth I was scared, worried and suffered from anxiety especially during the last trimester. There really wasn't much advice available on the subject.

After all my years of experience I want to share with you, how you can prepare for a safe, healthy and joyful childbirth experience with our birth video and ebook guide.


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