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Fun Games For Your Baby ShowersFun Games For Your Baby Showers

Your getting ready for your newest family member to arrive.  A baby shower is the perfect celebration for the parents-to-be.  The key to a fun and memorable baby shower is getting your guests engaged and laughing.  Here are 8 Baby shower games that are sure to get your guests smiling.

1. Baby Bottle Drinking Game

Give each person a baby bottle filled with a drink of choice. That could be water, apple juice, or even beer for those “co-ed” parties.  Next shout “GO!” and watch everyone try to drink their bottle.  This is fun to watch because it is not as easy as those babies make it look!  The first to finish their bottle, wins.

2. The Dirty Diaper Game

Melt a few different candy bars down in diapers (to save cost you can use folded napkins).  Get creative in your candy choices, the looks on your guests faces will be priceless!  Pass those diapers around.  See who can guess the most candy bars correctly.

3. Mommy’s Belly Size

Here is a fun and easy game.  Using rolls of toilet paper have the guests tear off how much toilet paper they think would fit around the mommy’s belly without going over.  The person closest to fitting mommy’s belly wins.  Careful, mommy may be shocked at all the extra toilet paper.

4. Don’t call Me Baby

This is a game that lasts the whole time of the shower.  You can choose from several different items such as safety pins, clothes pins, or pacifiers on ribbon.  Every guest starts with one safety pin.  Tell your guests the word “baby” is not allowed for the day.  If a guest catches someone saying the word “baby” they can take away their safety pins.  At the end of the shower, or a time you pick (before opening gifts perhaps), the guest with the most pins wins the game.

5. What’s For Dinner?

Place out about 10 baby food jars.  Remove the labels and number them before the party.  Make sure you have a list so you know what each jar contains.  Give your guest a piece of paper and pencil.  Have them try to guess what each jar of baby food is, and time them.  The person with the most correct foods is the winner.

6. The Memory Game

Time to test your guest’s memory!  Place about 15-20 baby items on a tray or even in a baby bag.  Pass the items around and give everyone a chance to check out all the items.  Then take the items away and have everyone write down as many items as they can remember.  (If you use a baby bag, see who remembers to write that down!)  The person that remembers the most item, wins.

7. Where’s My Baby?

The animal name game!  Make a list of animals and a list of what their babies are called.  For example a cat’s baby is called a kitten, and a kangaroo baby is called a joey.  Have your guests match the mommy names with the right baby name.  You can really pick some interesting animals for this.

8. Decorate Onesies

Have guests decorate onesies with fabric paint, iron-ons, or any other fabric  decorating items.  This is actually a fun project if you have kids attending.  It keeps them busy and gives them a chance to win a prize.  Make sure if your using hot glue or irons that kids have an adult help them!  Have mommy judge the finished products and pick a winner.  You can even get creative with the judging, have a couple of categories.  For example best design, best theme, or best use of colors.

With all the games to choose from remember a few things.  First don’t over do it, pick about 3 or 4 games.  Keep in mind your time frame, if you intend on the party being 3 hours than pick games that are quick.  And remember prizes don’t have to cost a lot.  Shop around and pick out something nice but don’t get too carried away.  Above all, have fun with the games and your guest will too!

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