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Becoming a Dad: Dads Can Get Postpartum Depression TooBecoming A Dad

Once baby arrives, it seems the focus is all on baby and how mom is handling the transition. It is perfectly normal for men to feel as if they are lost in the shuffle during this time. One issue that many people don’t realize is that dads can also suffer from postpartum depression . When you realize that men can suffer from this problem as well, the transition to becoming a dad can go more smoothly.

Learn the Warning Signs

Studies have shown that approximately 10 percent of men suffer from some form of postpartum depression. Learning the signs of this form of depression in men will help new moms and other family members identify when the new dad is going through a rough time with the transition. Some of the signs include:

  • fatigue
  • changes in appetite
  • weight loss or gain
  • feelings of guilt

Some people dismiss these signs as jealousy over the attention his wife is getting or even of the new baby. However, in many cases, it is merely an unrecognized case of postpartum depression.

Getting Help with Male Postpartum Depression

Many men who are going through this do not seek the help they need because they are embarrassed or don’t feel it will be a recognized condition. Whether a man seeks professional help or tries to remedy the issue himself, it is important to recognize the need for help and take the right steps. In many cases, some simple steps can make a major difference, including:

  • getting plenty of sleep
  • focusing on the benefits of becoming a dad
  • ask for help
  • brush up on parenting skills
  • make time for yourself

Becoming a dad should be an exciting time in your life, but if you are struggling, you aren’t alone. The important thing is to recognize that you aren’t alone and there are others like you. When you recognize the signs of male postpartum depression and take the right steps, you can start enjoying what you have always envisioned fatherhood to be.

Are you suffering from male postpartum depression? Contact us to learn more coping skills and help yourself feel better about your new position.


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